Espresso italiano: global coffee
Espresso is a technical invention and an Italian cultural tradition now spread worldwide.
Espresso is the technique that best moves and retains the organoleptic qualities of the natural raw material, enhancing flavor and aroma.
The philosophy makèspresso
Makèspresso is technically innovative, compact and portable (12V-24V / 110-230V) and customizable.
Makèspresso is technically different from other espresso machines because reinterprets the percolation method using a concept of technical and innovative use.
The new espresso
New technical paradigm: Pressure without boiler and no pump innovative use of inert gas CO2
Traditional espresso machine
H2O + pump and boiler
- Required heat water with a boiler
- Noisy pump
- Only suitable for indoor use
H2O hot + CO2
- Can be used both indoors and outdoors at 12-24V or 110-230V
- It also works without electricity using hot water

Dimensions and technologies lightweight and compact. The body of makèspresso is 125mm high, like a smartphone last generation.
Coffee quality first! We have exploited the characteristics of inert gases for extraction rich and aromatic; thick and foamy.

The technical concept
The inert gas is exploited to obtain the optimal pressure for the percolation process.

Makèspresso works with both hot and cold water (heated with built-in resistance). It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Simple to use, but not trivial gestures

1) Open the cover, fill with hot water tank and place the waffle

2) Makèspresso rotate 180°

3) Push the button to dispense the espresso
Portable and personal
Designed for use in the car, in the office and in the home. When you travel or while you're relaxing.
You can make a machine makèspresso custom engraved with a name, a logo, a brand.
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