What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is one of the main international crowdfunding platform. We have chosen to launch Maké on Indiegogo with the aim of reaching and connecting with a global community of innovators in continuous search for new and innovative solutions at the service of everyday pleasures.
By choosing Indiegogo we also give the possibility to buy the new machine at an “early bird” cost, as a reward for the first customers who buy and trust Maké.

The crowdfunding campaign is aimed at raising funds to further develop Maké, to support the production of electronic components and to obtain international certifications of conformity to safety requirements.


When will the first machines purchased on Indiegogo be shipped?

We will start shipping the first Maké Classic, which are already in production, starting at the end of November.


How many coffees can be made with one CO2 cylinder?

With 1 CO2 cylinder you can make about 25 coffees. It depends on how short or long you like your espresso.

CO2 cylinders are 100% recyclable as metal according to the local regulations.

What is the cost of a CO2 cylinder?

A CO2 cylinder has a cost of about 2€. You can make about 25 coffees with 1 cylinder.  It depends on how short or long you like your espresso.

Where can I buy the CO2 cylinders?

Right now you can buy them together with Maké on Indiegogo. Then you will buy them on our shop online, on Amazon and from our authorised stores.

Do you need to take precautions with the CO2 cylinder?

It is important not to expose the cans to excessive heat sources and store them in containers at temperatures not exceeding 54°C.

How are cans recycled?

CO2 cylinders are 100% recyclable as metal according to the local regulations, like a normal tin.


Do you want to replace the Cafés with Maké?

Maké was not created to equal or even less to replace the experience of the bar which remains irreplaceable. Maké offers the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of a coffee made to perfection and with simplicity at any time and in any place, from the Alps to the Pyramids.

Maké follows you and is always with you.

That’s it, with Maké we want to give small moments of pleasure even in places where it would otherwise be impossible to drink an espresso coffee (which means, made at the moment!).


For which uses are the Maké Classic and Smart versions best suited?

The Classic is smaller than the Smart, and needs boiling water to be poured presumably from a thermos or even from a kettle for those who decide to have it with them in the office, on a boat or even in the kitchen as it takes up very little space and looks good on a counter.

The Smart, which heats the water and is equipped with a power supply, a power bank for outdoor and a cable for the car, is for those who make long trips, even in the car and prefer not to have to think about hot water.

What are the measures of Maké?


  • Weight: 426 grams
  • Dimension (LXPXH) (mm): 70x70x200


  • Weight: 470 grams
  • Dimension (LXPXH) (mm): 70x70x200


What is the difference between Maké and other portable machines?

Maké’s technology is unique and has overtaken the old paradigm of pump+boiler+filter (which all the machines and also the portable ones on the market are inspired by).

Maké has transformed air into a vibrating instrument, reproducing the pressure of a professional machine (9 bar) at the touch of a button.  It is a whole new technology and is the result of 3 years of research and development. It has two patents.

Moreover, we have chosen not to ride the great trend of capsules in order not to contribute to introduce non-recyclable waste into the environment. Maké is only compatible with coffee pods with paper filter that are compostable. Finally, it has an all-Italian design and is beautiful!


With which capsules or pods is Maké compatible?

Maké is only compatible with any espresso coffee pod.

Espresso coffee pods are single-serving, single-use paper filter portions that contain the exact amount of coffee (7 gr.) needed to make the perfect espresso, with no waste.

We are also developing the powder adapter but until we are satisfied with the quality we are not putting it on the market.

Why didn't you make it compatible with the capsules?

We have chosen not to ride the great trend of capsules in order not to contribute to introduce non-recyclable waste into the environment. The coffee capsules, in aluminum or plastic, once used should be thrown away in the undifferentiated waste. For the European law, in fact, they are not considered packaging. Capsules have the particularity of being made of different materials and contaminated by coffee residues: before they can be sent for recycling, therefore, they should be separated and treated. If coffee in capsules is consumed for a year, an average of 3 to 5.6 kg of undifferentiated waste per head is produced.


What is in the cost of Maké?

The technological heart of Maké is the high precision mechanics of which we Italians are leaders in the world. The mechanical heart “can’t be seen”, but is the result of design, craftsmanship and high costs. We are like a Valentino dress or a bottle of Barolo. An excellence of Made in Italy.